Eesti Õpilasesinduste Liit | Summer Camp “Opening Doors”
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Summer Camp “Opening Doors”

Summer Camp “Opening Doors”

Lithuanian School Students’ Union (LMS) together with Estonian Schools Student Councils’ Union (ESCU) are organizing Summer Camp 2017 “Opening doors”. The project is free of charge and funded by the Seeds for Integration project fund.
Summer Camp about Integration is purposed for building common understanding towards natives, ethnic minorities and refugees in Lithuania and Estonia. Due to similar historical facts in Estonia and Lithuania LMS and ESCU are prepared to co-operate and to make the best outcomes of this summer camp.

Summer Camp about Integration will be held in “Atostogų parkas” Venecijos aklg. 2, Žibininkų km., Palanga, from the 1st to 4th of August. The target audience is the 13-19 years old youth.

During Summer Camp participants will be able to participate in group activities, simulations, workshops, culture nights. In addition, participants will have road trips to one of the Lithuanian cultural heritage. The working language will be English.

Project Manager from LMS (Lithuania)
Laura Masiliauskaitė

Project Manager from ESCU (Estonia)
Laura Maria Kull